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Information about upcoming events in the Ukrainian community in Ottawa is available from the Ottawa branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC).

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The 4th annual Capital Ukrainian Festival will be happening July 19-21. The festival is looking for volunteers to help at the festival in a variety of areas. If you are interested in volunteering and contributing to the festival's success, please visit the Volunteer Registration page on the festival's website:

Capital Ukrainian Festival - Volunteer

Be a Volunteer. Join the Capital Ukrainian Festival and be part of the magic! Our volunteers work in a variety of positions that include: VIP hospitality, food service, parking and transportation, merchandise, volunteer coordination, promotions, bar-tending, set up, tear down, and venue supervision.

Bоrshch Cook-Off to Aid Ukrainian Orphans – 2018

On Sunday, May 6, 2018 the sixth annual Borshch Cook-Off took place in our church hall raising over $4,000 toward the critical needs of children in an orphanage in the city of Kryvyj Rih in the Dniepropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Each year the Borshch Cook-Off brings together our parish community and many other generous supporters to raise funds for these orphans with significant health problems.

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SOBOR 2018

Sobor 2018 was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, August 9-12, 2018, to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (UOCC). Father Ihor together with four appointed delegates from our parish -- Doreen Keir, Zora Jackson, Tamara Rudenko-Charalambij and Bohdan Shumsky -- represented our parish at the Sobor. Our delegates had the unique opportunity to meet with a variety of delegates and learn about the life of parishes from across Canada. The interesting multi-day program included Liturgies and Vespers, sessions about spirituality and the history of the UOCC, a tour of prairie churches in rural Saskatchewan, a youth program, a visit to the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, a city tour of Saskatoon, a riverboat cruise on the South Saskatchewan River, and gala banquet and concert featuring performances by a variety of talented artists and choral groups. In October, our delegates are planning to do a presentation to our parishioners about their experience and learnings from Sobor.

Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox Church

Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox Church

The Orthodox clergy wear two kinds of robes, non-liturgical and liturgical. The non-liturgical robes are the ordinary daily clothing of the clergy, worn underneath ‘liturgical robes’. Liturgical robes, or ‘vestments’, are worn during church services.

The non-liturgical robes are called cassocks (Greek rason, Ukrainian pidryasnyk) and outer cassocks (Greek exo-rason, Slavonic riassa). Cassocks are floor-length garments that have long sleeves fitted like shirtsleeves. Outer cassocks are also floor-length garments, but they’re more loosely fitting, with very large sleeves.

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