Activities for Youth

Activities for Youth

Sunday school

For children aged 4 - 12 years, Sunday 10am - 11am.

The Sunday School room opens at 9:30am. We invite you and your children to arrive earlier than 10am, go up to church to light a candle, pray together and then come down to class.

Please use the cloak room at the main entrance to hang jackets and store wet footwear. A sweater and indoor shoes might be a good idea as the church can be cool in winter months.
Parents may be asked to volunteer one Sunday to lend a helping hand with the children. How often will depend on how many children sign up.

For more information, please contact Dobrodiyka Olya at

Parish Youth Program

Every Friday, our parish offers sports activities for children and youth, aged 7-17 years, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm in our church hall.

In order to ensure the safety of all participants, we alternate Fridays by age category. The first age group is for children aged 7 – 12 years and the is for youth aged 13 – 17 years.

The schedule alternates between these two age groups throughout the year, so that each group meets every second Friday.

What are the activities?

Various sports activities are offered including soccer, fitness class, historical fencing (with foam swords and padded armour), and more.

What do you need to participate?

Please bring clean indoor running shoes and appropriate clothing for physical activity to change into. Please also bring your own water bottle.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, please contact or call 613 728-0856 to find out which age group is on which rotation and come on that Friday.

We welcome parent involvement and if you are interested in volunteering with the Youth Program or have any questions about the program itself, please contact our church office at 613 728-0856.

Important: If your child/youth has any medical concerns or allergies, please advise us before they attend.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Every baptised Orthodox Christian is called to a ministry in the church. To be an altar server in the Orthodox Church is a special ministry in which one becomes a witness of the mysteries of the life of the Church. From the very inception of our parish in Ottawa, we were always blessed with the dedicated men and boys who served in the altar. Today we have a small dedicated group who continue to assist in the altar and ensure that prayers and the flow of services are not interrupted.

Basic Responsibilities of Altar Servers:

  • Arrive early for services, by at least 9:50am. This will give you time to prepare & vest without rushing. Late entry distracts the priest from his duties/prayers (e.g. Preparing the Holy Gifts at the Table of Oblation during proskomedia)
  • DO NOT talk or whisper in the sanctuary or during processions, unless it is to ask an important question about your duties. Giggling & laughing are not appropriate.
  • The Sanctuary is Holy, and access to it is restricted to very few men. Do not abuse the privilege you have been given by being disrespectful or by entering the Sanctuary unnecessarily.
  • Be alert for hand signals & other instructions given by the priest. When an instruction is given follow it immediately.
  • When you are not performing any tasks follow the service in your service book.
  • Never walk in front of the Holy Altar.
  • Clean up the sanctuary after service according to the instructions of the priest.