Our Priest

Father Ihor Okhrimtchouk , B.Th., B.Comp. Sci, B.Ed.

Fr Ihor Okhrimtchouk and his son Taras, October 2009

Fr. Ihor Okhrimtchouk

As parish priest at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Ukrainian Orthodox Church since May 2002, Fr. Ihor Okhrimtchouk has provided spiritual care to members of our parish through group lectures, discussion groups and one-on-one counselling. He is passionate about building both a strong Orthodox Christian and Ukrainian cultural community in Ottawa. Born in 1970 in Lanivtsi, Volyn, a village in western Ukraine, Fr. Ihor completed secondary school there and later enrolled in Ternopil Polytechnical Institute prior to conscription in the army of the Soviet Union in 1988.

After completing military service, Fr.. Ihor immigrated to Canada in December 1990 and began theological studies in Winnipeg at the Faculty of Theology, St. Andrew’s College, University of Manitoba, eventually completing a Bachelor of Theology degree in 1988. Along with theology, Fr. Ihor took courses at the University of Manitoba in management, economics and computer science.

Fr. Ihor was ordained to the diaconate in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada in 1996 at the Dormition of Theotokos Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Surrey, B.C. Three years later, on October 10, 1999, he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood of the UOCC at the All Saints Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Transcona, Manitoba. Between 1999 and 2002, Fr. Ihor held pastoral assignments with St. Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Portage La Prairie, MB and with Holy Ghost Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Brandon , Manitoba. Father Ihor’s pastoral identity has been strongly influenced by the mentorship of many clergy, lay organizations and laymen and women of the UOCC and other Orthodox clergy as well as clergy from other denominations and faith traditions.

A fervent believer in continuing education, Fr. Ihor completed a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Manitoba in 2001, and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa in 2006. He has since completed graduate courses in theology, pastoral care, community dynamics and development at St. Paul University in Ottawa, where he is currently a candidate for a Master of Arts in Counselling. Fr. Ihor is a member of the steering committee of the Ottawa Interfaith Council as well as being a registered member of the Ontario Teachers College. He is frequently called upon as a representative of the Orthodox faith at interdenominational venues in Ottawa.

It was also at St. Andrew’s College, University of Manitoba, where Fr. Ihor met Jennifer Atamanchuk, a fourth-generation Ukrainian-Canadian, and a student at the University of Manitoba. On July 22, 1995, Ihor and Jennifer were married at St. George's Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Dauphin, Manitoba. Since their marriage dobrodiyka Jennifer assists Fr. Ihor in many volunteer capacities within the church. Currently, she plays an active role in youth and cultural programming at the church. She is a registered dietitian at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. The couple have two children.


Easter Message from our Parish Priest


Dear parishioners and all who come to worship with us,

Joyous Easter greetings to you all. The miracle of the Resurrection of Christ unites us all faith, in the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, life over death. Today we open our souls to God, filling them with spiritual strength and hope.

On this day we thank God that during the days in our lives when He tested us we felt His protection and support. Easter reminds us of the spiritual revival, unity and the victory of good over evil which are greatly needed by all Ukrainians around the world as well as all people of good will. We wish you spiritual purity and harmony, peace and tranquility in family homes. May the miracle of the Resurrection of Christ inspire us to a good and righteous cause. May Easter start a new life for each of us – better, kinder, more merciful – so that when we all feel part of the family of the united Risen Christ.

Included with this bulletin is a donation envelope for our annual Pysanka campaign to raise funds for our parish. We trust that you will support our parish and truly thank you in advance for your generosity. At the front of this bulletin you will find a detailed schedule of our church services and parish events for April, May and June. We look forward to your support and pray for your health and spiritual harmony.

We encourage you, your family and friends to actively participate in the cultural, social and spriritual life of our parish because through participation you can contribute to our flourishing community and become one step closer to your salvation in the risen Lord. Being one family in Christ and praying together and working for our salvation –  this is the purpose of our brief earthly life.

We welcome you and your family to our church to participate in common prayer and community events for the good of our salvation and to ensure that our faith and traditions is passed onto future generations. Faith is not abstract, rather it is based on the Christian virtues that guide our lives. Living in our large modern world we clearly understand that children need spiritual support, which is drawn from a deep well of faith and delivered by parents to the next generation by making faith important in family life.

Dear and beloved parishioners – the Risen Christ welcomes you and wishes you all God's blessings. We are one family in Christ – let us learn about each other and work together to be a model for the world we live in.

Sincerely in our risen Lord Jesus Christ – Father Ihor and family